Risk Analysis: An added Advantage

A risk analysis tool is a specially designed software by DEHN+SÖHNE to calculate the risk potential for structures and take specific measures to reduce those risks. Hence,  it helps the customer with cost effective protection measures that are adapted to ensure optimum levels of safety for the infrastructure.


Risk Analysis


Our Strengths / Capabilities

We carry out the “Risk analysis” in accordance with IEC 62305-2: 2010 considering Lightning strike to building/facility, strike near to building/facility, strike on services which connected to building/ facility and strike near to service line.

We do the calculation taking all due weighing factors as mentioned in standard to calculate the (Type & Dimension of building. Location of building, Type of surrounding, presence of human hour inside the building/facility, detail consideration on Power/Data services, equipment withstand capability for surges)

Risk analysis is done for below mentioned “Type of risks”

a) Risk Assessment for loss of human life 
a) Risk assessment for loss of services for the public   
b) Risk Assessment for loss of irreplaceable cultural/historical assets         
c) Risk assessment for economic losses.                              
RT 10-5
RT 10-3
RT 10-4
User consideration     

Note: RT – Tolerable risk