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Building a deep-rooted regulatory framework for long-term safety improvement is of substantial consequence but is often discarded. Delivering technical expertise and entrepreneurship vigilance is complex, but DEHN is here to help you navigate that complexity.

DEHN, a worldwide leading lightning risk mitigation company, specializes in engineering solutions for surge protection, lightning protection, and safety equipment. DEHN India has drawn decades of expertise from DEHN SE to offer a remarkable array of patented products and stringent practices for the uptime reliability of your business. 

We hold strong expertise in combating infrastructural challenges, serving diverse fields of Infrastructure, Real Estate, Oil and Gas, Telecommunication, Wind Mills, Solar Photovoltaics, Sewage Plant, Railway systems, Industry, and Process Automation all over the world. Our advanced analytics and command over the global market make us the preferred solution provider for lightning protection.

Every solution is designed and tested under rigorous performance procedures, that can withstand the worst lightning conditions. In recognition of our integral business dealings, we have been awarded distinctions of the highest standard. “DEHN Protects”, two words that define our vision and mission. The DENH code of conduct outlines compliance regulations- National, NBC, and IEC standards for all our products and services portfolio.

In the true spirit of securing businesses, we focus on exceeding our R&D capabilities to gear quality, reliability, and most importantly improving workplace safety.


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