Lightning is Fascination, but Dangerous

About 9 billion lightning flashes each day around the world

Back in 1752, Benjamin Franklin discovered the electrical charge that causes Lightning to occur as a natural phenomenon mainly during powerful storms.

Lightning, as we see, is a bright flash of electricity produced by thunderstorms and though it seems beautiful, lightning is actually quite dangerous for human life or infrastructure setups. Estimates suggest that about  9 Billion lightning flashes occur each day around the world and most of them strike in regions that have thick rainforests and dry climatic conditions.

To protect against the damages that can be caused by direct and indirect effects of Lightning, Dehn offers the best in class Lightning Protection Systems  designed as per Chapter 7 of the International Electrotechnical Commission  (IEC) Standard 62305 – 1.

Through these solutions, one can achieve complete protection combining External Lightning Protection + Indirect lightning protection (protection of Electrical & Electronics) + Grounding & equipotential  bonding.

Let us first understand how the IEC Standard of Lightning Protection is designed

  1. IEC 62305-3 : Protection against lightning - Physical damage to structures and life hazards
  2. IEC 62305-4 : Protection against lightning – Electrical and Electronic system within structures

Elements of a Lightning Protection System

According to the IEC 62305 standard, a lightning protection system consists of the following elements:

  • Air-termination system
  • Down conductor
  • Earth-termination system
  • Separation distances
  • Lightning equipotential bonding

Our Strengths/ Capabilities

DEHN+SÖHNE has special “DEHNsupport” software tool (as per IEC 62305:2010) which helps us in design the External Lightning Protection (Rolling sphere / Protection angle) to determine the height and distance between two Air terminals. It also helps on selection of SPDs as per different zone of protection.
Our design team has been trained at DEHN+SÖHNE, Neumarkt, Germany to design the External Lightning protection system, showing the position & height of Air terminal to bring the area under zone of protection. We have varieties of clamps and connectors (tested for lightning current) which can be used as per site requirement.
We have been also trained for selecting the suitable Lightning current / Surge Protection device as per Indian site requirement.

When Lightning Strikes

We offer detailed information that educate on topics like lightning basics and safety measures to take during thunderstorms.