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DEHN protects security systems

Protect security systems

So that security technology functions reliably

Whether fire precautions, burglary protection or emergency and escape route lighting: Electric security systems are only truly reliable if they do not fail during thunderstorms. If lighting strikes and surges destroy security systems or safety systems no longer work, lives are at risk.

Moreover, surges can cause incorrect signals and false alarms, resulting in high follow-up costs. Therefore, security systems should be integrated in a lightning and surge protection concept. Fulfilling legal and normative requirements is a must for manufacturers, planning engineers and installers.


No compromises on safety

DEHN has over 100 years of experience in the field of lightning and surge protection. Our high-quality products have been approved by leading manufacturers of hazard alarm systems. The arresters which are used, e.g. in fire alarm, burglary protection and CCTV systems, have been extensively tested in the DEHN test laboratory.

Protection concepts for lightning and surge protection, earthing and equipotential bonding are developed by DEHN experts. They are tested and practice-proven. DEHN products are VdS-certified and stand out for their high quality which is continuously being further developed.

BLITZDUCTORconnect - Perfectly fitting surge protection

Optimum availability of security systems

Burglar alarm, voice alarm, fire alarm and transmission systems - These are all components which report danger in the area monitored. They must always function reliably. False alarms should be avoided.

Security systems include a wide range of information and communication technology with numerous different interfaces and signals. BLITZDUCTORconnect always provides you with the right product variant.

  • For high availability of plants and systems.
  • For reliably functioning alarms in control systems.
  • For simple, practical maintenance - even from a distance.
  • For an effective protection concept for buildings.

Manufacturer-specific solutions

Since the interfaces of hazard alarm systems to be protected differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, surge protective devices frequently have a different design or different nominal data. In cooperation with renowned manufacturers, we offer surge protective devices for all common interfaces in safety networks.

The DIN rail mounted and energy-coordinated combined arrester protects unearthed d.c. supply systems.

The universal arrester for information technology systems is ideally suited for cabling systems according to class E up to 250 MHz. It protects all pairs thanks to heavy-duty gas discharge tubes and a filter matrix per pair.

Power supply

The a.c. voltage supply of fire and burglar alarm systems places especially high demands on surge protective devices. DEHNguard and DEHNrail which have a high discharge capacity due to their zinc oxide varistors meet these demands and ensure safe system operation. The fact that our surge protective devices are VdS-certified contributes to the high quality of our products.

The modular two-pole type 2 surge arrester for single-phase TN systems consists of a base part and plug-in protection module with floating changeover contact*.

The two-pole type 3 surge arrester consists of a base part and plug-in protection module with floating changeover contact.*

* VdS-certified

Safety networks

Safety networks exchange data and monitor and control individual systems of hazard alarm systems. Depending on the system requirements, data must not only be reliably and correctly transmitted, but also available around the clock. It is therefore important to protect safety networks against the effects of a lightning strike.

Combined arrester BLITZDUCTOR XT
The BLITZDUCTOR XT base part is a universal and space-saving four-pole feed-through terminal, accommodating a protection module without signal interruption. The snap-in mechanism at the supporting foot of the base part allows the protection module to be safely earthed via the DIN rail.*

The space-saving combined arrester module with LifeCheck protects pairs of high-frequency transmission systems which are galvanically isolated.*


The combined arrester for LSA disconnection blocks reliably protects sensitive hardware against surges and allows testing, disconnecting and patching of the connected lines.*

* VdS-certified


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