Residential Building
DEHN protects single-family houses

Providing safety for your home

New developments require consistent safety concepts

Modern lifestyle is increasingly defined by digital devices: Smart TV, intelligent home automation, burglary protection systems or electromobility to name but a few. A lot of us already take smart technology for granted. The downside of this technology is that devices are becoming increasingly sensitive and more susceptible to interference.

Reliable protection for your home

The more digital devices we use, the more important it is to protect them. This ensures that smart building technology and home offices are permanently available, the heating system works reliably and the WLAN router stays connected to the Internet.

Whether a new building, refurbishment or retrofit:

Modern residential buildings require comprehensive protection!

Protection concepts - Product recommendations

Avoid unnecessary risks and implement an efficient protection concept including measures for a ...

Single-family house WITHOUT external lightning protection:

Single-family house WITH external lightning protection:


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