DEHN protects railways
DEHN protects the railway infrastructure

Minimise system downtime and disruptions

The smooth running of railway technology depends on the proper functioning of a great many highly sensitive, electric and electronic systems.
However, this continuous availability of the systems is at risk. Lightning strikes or electromagnetic interference damage or destroy lines, interlocking components, modules or computer systems. They often lead to operational disturbances and time-consuming troubleshooting. This means delayed trains and high follow-up costs. 

Reduce costly disruptions and minimise system downtime.
With a comprehensive lightning and surge protection concept tailored to your special requirements.

Reasons for damage

These are the most common causes of disruptions, system downtime and damage:

  • Direct lightning strikes
    Lightning strikes overhead contact lines, tracks or masts. Operational disruption or system downtime are usually the result.
  • Indirect lightning strikes
    Lightning strikes a nearby building or the ground. Overvoltage is then distributed via cables or inductively induced, damaging or destroying unprotected electronic components.
  • Electromagnetic interference fields
    Overvoltage can occur when different systems interact due to their proximity to one another, e.g., illuminated sign gantries over motorways, high-voltage transmission lines and overhead contact lines for railways.
  • Railway internal causes
    Switching operations and triggering fuses are an additional risk factor. They can also generate surges and cause damage.


Know-how at the click of a button

You want to gain basic knowledge in the field of lightning and surge protection? Our constantly growing portfolio of e-learning courses will help you become familiar with this topic.

Flexibly at work or at home. At your own pace. Completely free of charge. No download or installation required.

Tests in the impulse current laboratory

DEHN offers engineering and test services for railway systems in the impulse current laboratory at the DEHN Test Centre.

  • Tests on prewired connection units for protecting electrical and electronic systems
  • Lightning current tests on signalling system components, low-voltage distribution boards and system cabinets

Make sure that your systems function even under extreme conditions. This improves your competitiveness.
Read more about "testing the lightning current capability of components" here:


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