Lightning Protection Guide

The comprehensive reference book in the fields of lightning and surge protection for buildings, installations and systems.

Lightning Protection  GuideWhen designing and installing lightning protection systems, contractors will have to observe the IEC 62305 (EN 62305) standard series to comply with the state of the art. To this end, they must make themselves familiar with the content of the new lightning protection standards.

European treaties require that all countries completely adopt European standards on the national level (not only in the field of lightning protection). Therefore, additional information is provided in the form of national supplements. These supplements are not contradictory to the actual standard and are only informative from a legal point of view. Since these supple-
ments were prepared by different experts, many aspects from science as well as from the design, installation and inspection of lightning protection systems were taken into account. The supplements are state of the art and must be observed.

The Lightning Protection Guide is supposed to make experts in this field (designers or installers) familiar with the new IEC 62305 (EN 62305) standard series. For this purpose, our Lightning Protection Guide includes comprehensive practical solutions for different applications. It also provides general information on the wide-ranging field of lightning and surge protection which is a major business area of DEHN.


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