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DEHN protects ex areas

Parallel connectors for ex applications

It is becoming more and more common to install ring equipotential bonding conductors in the hazardous areas of industrial plants.

This parallel connector Cu/gal Sn is specially for connecting electrical equipment and closing the ring equipotential bonding.

It has been tested to be non-sparking up to the designated residual current. On installation it is fitted with a spring washer under the nut to prevent self-loosening (in accordance with the requirements in DIN EN 62305-3 Supplement 2).

Tested as suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres

  • Ex zone 1/2 (gases and explosion group IIC) and
  • Ex zone 21/22 (dust)


This parallel connector does not possess any potential source of ignition (mechanical device) and as such does not fall under the European Ex directive 2014/34/EU.

It is therefore suitable for unlimited application in potentially explosive atmospheres.


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