Solutions for industrial plants

Automation systems are standard in most industrial companies. If the automation system fails, production comes to a halt. This can bring a company to the verge of ruin.

DEHN protects industrial plants

Surge protection increases operational safety

To increase operational safety, lines extending beyond the building should be located and protected. The picture shows an example of the power supply system and information transmission via Profibus and Industrial Ethernet.

The prospective short-circuit current must be particularly taken into account for the power supply system. Coordinated DEHNbloc Maxi S lightning current arresters are tested with short-circuit currents up to 100 kArms and are therefore ideally suited for industrial applications. BLITZDUCTOR XT protects information technology lines, even in case of a direct lightning strike.

Potential islanding

The following applies to PLCs, AS interfaces, sensors, actuators and Ex barriers: Surges must be compensated in the device with all connected lines (potential islanding). Surge protective devices such as VNH, SPS Protector and DEHNrail modular master this task on the power supply side.

DEHNconnect, DEHNpatch , BLITZDUCTOR XT or surge arresters for Profibus DP, which are capable of compensating surges within a matter of microseconds, can be used for information technology lines.
In conjunction with an intermeshed equipotential bonding and earth-termination system, surge-related downtime and interruption of operations can thus be prevented.

Lightning and surge protection is an investment that quickly pays off.

DEHN protects industrial buildings

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