In case of step and touch voltage hazard for living beings.
In accordance with the requirements of IEC/EN 62305-3.

Step and Touch Voltage

Front in German:
Bei Gewitter ist der Aufenthalt im Umkreis von 3 m um die Ableitung verboten!

Reverse side in English:
During thunderstorm a distance of 3 m around the down conductor has to be kept!

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Part No. 480699 HWS 297X210 AGU3MV DE EN AL

GTIN 4013364107229, Customs tariff No.: 83100000, Gross weight: 137.00 g, PU: 1.00 pc(s)


Additional information

Warning sign: Touch and step voltage
Warning sign for touch and step voltages at risk of touch and step voltages for living beings
according to EN 62305-3
Material: Al
Dimension: 297 x 210 x 0.7 mm
Fixing: [4x] Ø6.5 mm

Brand: DEHN
Type: HWS 297X210 AGU3MV DE EN AL
Part No.: 480699
or equivalent.


Technical data

Material Al
Dimension (l x w x d ) 297 x 210 x 0.7 mm
Fixing [4x] Ø6.5 mm

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