• Disconnects overloaded arresters from the supply
  • Prevents potential earth faults
  • Ensures faultless operation of medium-voltage systems
  • Spark gap/thermal effect principle
  • No ignition of a small explosive device
  • Maintenance-free

DIC 10: Disconnector for DEHNmid Surge Arresters

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Part No. 994003 DIC 10

GTIN 4013364103146, Customs tariff No.: 85389099, Gross weight: 180.00 g, PU: 1.00 pc(s)


Additional information

Disconnection unit for DEHNmid arrester DIC 10
Disconnection unit for DEHNmid arrester
to disconnect overloaded
DEHNmid arresters from the system
Ground-fault clearing
Spark gap/Thermo effect principle
Rated frequency: (48...62) Hz
Ambient temperature: (-40...+50) °C
Terminal bolt: M10
PE-enclosure: resistant to ultraviolet rays; green
Supply and mount

Brand: DEHN
Type: DIC 10
Part No.: 994003
or equivalent.


Technical data

Weight 0.18 kg
Ambient temperature (TU ) -40 °C ... +55 °C
Altitude 3000 m above sea level
Power frequency (fN ) 48-62 Hz

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