Impulse Counter

  • Potential-free registration of discharge currents occurring in surge protective devices
  • Easy installation by enclosing the earthing conductor of the arrester with a hinged toroidal core
  • Counter in a DIN rail mounted enclosure (2 modules)
  • Twisted sensor cable, 0.5 m

P 3 Impulse Counter

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Part No. 910512 IPC P3

GTIN 4013364323223, Customs tariff No.: 90291000, Gross weight: 161.09 g, PU: 1.00 pc(s)



Additional information

Impulse counter P 3
Impulse meter with integrated battery supply (3 V)
and battery charge control
Potential-free registration of discharge currents at
surge protective devices
Hinged toroidal core for enclosing the earthing
cable of the arrester
Twisted sensor line: 0.5 m long
Response wave for impulse currents
(rise time >= 8µs): > 1 kA
Electronic meter 0...99
Mounting on 35 mm DIN rail according to EN 50 022

Brand: DEHN
Type: IPC P3
Part No.: 910512
or equivalent.



Technical data

Response threshold for impulse currents (rise time ≥ 8 µs) 1 kA
LCD display electronic counter 0-999
Power supply 3 V lithium battery (CR17335) included in delivery, replaceable, battery life of 3 years
Setting device button on the device for setting the counter (e.g. after replacing a battery)
Resetting device button on the device for resetting the counter to 0
Dimensions (sensor) inner Ø: 14 mm
Accessories included in delivery 3 V lithium battery (CR17335); cable tie (for fixing the sensor)

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