Connecting Cable for DEHNcube

  • PV connecting cables for easily connecting DEHNcube YPV SCI 1000 … to the inverter
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • 6 mm² for minimum voltage drop
  • Cable can be shortened individually to the optimum length
  • Unnecessary cable lengths are avoided, thus better protective effect due to lower transmission loss


Application: One string per d.c. input
(MPP tracker) of the inverter.
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Example: DCU YPV SCI 1000 2M.
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Y Connecting Cable for DEHNcube

Allows to collect one PV string and connect it to DEHNcube and the inverter.

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Part No. 900945 AL DCU Y PV L3X1000

GTIN 4013364425118, Customs tariff No.: 85444991, Gross weight: 230.00 g, PU: 1.00 pc(s)



Additional information

Y connecting cable for DEHNcube AL DCU Y PV L3X1000
Prewired PV connecting cable with double insulation,
6 mm2; for connecting a PV string line to
DEHNcube DCU YPV ... and the inverter
(cable length: 3x 1000mm).

Brand: DEHN
Type: AL DCU Y PV L3X1000
Part No.: 900945
or equivalent.


Technical data

For connecting 1 string cable
Cable cross-section 6 mm2
Cable material Cu
Degree of protection IP 65

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